Technical Program

Note: These papers are part of the Hydro-Québec 3i Symposium in conjuction with IEEE GlobalSIP and have not been peer-reviewed by the GlobalSIP 2018 Technical Committee.

IEEE-HQ-P.1: Learning and Modelling in Energy Management and Smart Grid I

Symposium: Hydro-Quebec 3i Symposium
Session Type: Poster
Time: Wednesday, November 15, 14:00 - 15:00
Location: Fontaine A
Poster Board 20
IEEE-HQ-P.1.1: False Data Injection Attacks in the Context of Wireless Sensor Networks Used in Smart Grid
         Jiachen Liu, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; McGill University
Poster Board 21
IEEE-HQ-P.1.2: Detection of False Data Injection Attacks against Correlated Power Measurements in Smart Grids
         El-Nasser S. Youssef, Fabrice Labeau; McGill University
Poster Board 22
IEEE-HQ-P.1.3: Implementation of Impulsive Noise model in the LTE module of the NS-3 Simulator
         Oscar Delgado, Fabrice Labeau; McGill University
Poster Board 23
IEEE-HQ-P.1.4: From IRIG-B to PTP : Evolution of Time Synchronisation system
         Simon Shedleur, Maxime Labonté; Hydro-Québec
Poster Board 24
IEEE-HQ-P.1.5: Uplink Non-orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) System For Next Generation Communication
         Xiaolu Wang, Fabrice Labeau, Lin Mei; McGill University, Harbin Institute of Technology